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Originally Posted by Axxe View Post
Late model strut housings? "I" style is larger diameter, might be the issue here. Did you try reusing the stock lock ring?
Lock ring you mean the threaded collar piece? The old ones were destroyed... These are late model strut housings with late model front inserts. I had tried them in my stock housings and found out the diameter issue a while ago :p. the diameter will prevent the strut from going in at all so I got these used housings off a late model

The collars are brand new OEM :s

Strange part is that it looks like the struts are flush with the top of the housings, so I don't see how the collars could possibly fit :s

Originally Posted by BrianM View Post
yeeesh, I'd have a hard go at making heads or tails of those diagrams, but enjoying the pics as it's coming along. I've been wondering how your project has been going!
Ya the diagrams are pretty messed :p

Project as a whole has slowed down considerably with the extra distractions of summer but hoping to get ahead soon!

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