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Originally Posted by Bill Caswell
To fully appreciate this you need a little history in BMW M brand.* It was created to build homologation specials.* Cars built for specific racing series in minimum quantity to meet the rules.* It started with the M1 in 1978. Then came hand-build 5 series cars that at one point were the fastest sedans in the world – as delivered from the factory.*

Next came the original M3, known to us car guys as the E30 M3.* Built by BMW for one purpose. To win races.* And it won so much its known as the most winning chassis in touring car history.*This was BMW's M brand.* *
Terrible article.

BMW M has been making non-homologation cars almost since it was started. This is nothing new. Saying that every M car that is not a homologation special is a poser car is ridiculous.

BMW Motorsport was started to build cars for the purposes of racing. The first being the 3.0CSL in 1972.

The next car they developed was the 2002 Turbo in 1974.

It may look like a race car but BMW never officially raced it. Really it could be considered BMW Motorsports first "poser" car. It was obviously designed to look like a race car with its front air dam, bolt on fenders, and Motorsport stripes. But I'm sure Mr. Caswell wouldn't call it one.

Now Willy could say that he's talking specifically about cars that are branded with an "M" badge, in which case the M1 would be the first.

However the E12 M535i would be the second.

It again looks like a race car but I don't believe it was officially raced. (There was a homologation version of an E12 built only for the South African market. About 200 were built in a joint venture between BMW South Africa and BMW M).

I'm sure the list goes on.
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