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Ill list what ive told a few others threw pm.

Just so theres no surprises, I Will list known problems (very minor).

-needs exhaust, the exhaust was free and has been rewelded every half foot. it leaks, and you can hear it.
-Glove box is held up with zip ties, it locked one day and i tried being gentle but couldnt get it. out can the drill and chisel. Never got around to getting new latch.
-driver side ballast has gone
-needs new gasket on oil filter housing (leak very minor, I just noticed so ordered gasket. I have and can include, ive just lost interest and would like to move on. half hour job, You can do when you change oil for first time on your new car
- The paint is not perfect, every car has a good side and bad. Something you can judge for your self in person,

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