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Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post
yeah, what happened to small town feel. I do remember that here in Toronto at some point.......back in the 70's...LOL
Originally Posted by davericher20 View Post
And throw away any memory you had of Bradford. We have a Walmart now lol. Grown big time in the last 5 years and real estate is stupid high.
Relax guys. I have absolutely no pre-conceived images of anywhere in Canada.
I made a trip back to Barrie before my eldest daughter was born and she's now 24.
When I left Barrie at 17 (1967) it was celebrating its population having broken the 40,000 mark. With the joys of Wikipedia I've been able to keep up with changes. I saw on my last trip the house where I was born and the house I grew up in. And my old highschool was still there.
Very recent emails from family tell me they're all still there although the house where I lived is now a boarding house and apparantly it's not a particularly "Nice" part of town anymore.
The school has changed its name. Droppped the "District" part.But its still there.

Barrie now has a population of roughly 130,000 which makes it similar in size to the city where I live in Oz. And about the same area as well.

Just for a giggle, for anybody who is old enough to remember, I searched Google Maps for what we used to call Yorkville Village. Yorkville Ave off Yonge St. Anybody want to put their hand up as remembering that particular landmark?
Anyway...its all gone. It's buried in the same hole they put the Haight Ashbury district in San Francisco.

There's a very famous quote you may or may not know. "You can never go home again"

That is quite correct because the Barrie I remember is very long gone. But that's ok. There's a brand new place where it once was that I can explore and get to know.

And for all those who have mentioned "Premium" or "Stupid high" prices, let me say its all relative.
I've been told your gas prices are "through the roof" According to my searches gas per litre in Barrie is between $1.25 to $1.27 per litre. I pay $1.61 for premium petrol here. Standard unleaded is about $1.52.

I've seached housing prices around Simco County and for what I can sell my place for which is considered low end of this market, I can buy an upper range Condo or a very nice 3 bed family home in Barrie.

I'm a smoker, so I was warned that cigarettes are "Hellishly" expensive. Upwards of $10 for a pack of 25. Same pack here would cost ~$25.
And prices for accessories and parts for my E30? Don't even go there. You guys are paying WAY less than we have to pay and being so close to the USA, you have a vastly superior range to choose from.

I have made one decision though. I'm coming for a reconnoitre visit first, just to check things out for myself. Actually SEE for myself how bad some of these cars really are and what some of the houses I'm looking at on the net actually look like inside in real life.
Tickets are booked. I'll be there early to mid October. Yes, I know. I picked the best time of year climate wise. You think I'm silly?

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