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Originally Posted by limenuke View Post
How does the E36 fare without its clutch fan if you do a clutch fan "delete" and do NOT put in the aux fan + lower tstat?
It would overheat. You need the aux fan to be working. I have the fan delete mod and I have to be careful that the aux fan works. Whenever it stops working, it will overheat at idle/slow traffic.

Don't worry, if there isn't coolant in the oil, and if there's no oil in your coolant, you're fine. I've overheated mine a few times over the years. The last time a shop was doing an e-test and didn't listen to me to keep the heat blasting inside the car (aux fan was broken). This is something you can do if you see your car is overheating. Moves the heat away from the engine and into the car. The car wouldn't start after they did that and I was pretty scared but after 10min it started again and everything seems to be fine 9 months later...

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