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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
.......that or the buyers are idiots.
thats just it. They largely are...and they are posers. Thats the articles point.

Obviously any car maker can put out a car like that(and they do) and tools still fork out the money for it. Not because of what it truly represents. But to pretend. Reminds me of the Nick cage line from gone in 60 seconds about being a self indulgent wiener with too much bloody money.

The M brand is supposed to be about motoring enjoyment (among other) things and the new cars (albeit putting down good numbers) have lost a lot of their soul and "feel" which M cars were known for.

You want a pure numbers car? ok they are doing that fine (as is everyone else with these silly hp wars) but they have lost their way. Thats the articles point.

Appealing to the masses is not what an M car is supposed to do. Is that the way to maximize profits? Obviously it is and bmw has chosen that route and thats a sad thing.
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