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at the end of the day bmw is a company looking to make money just like the rest of them.

BUT the M cars stood for something at some point...and they are supposed to be niche cars....

now its just a poser mobile and a lot of the responses in here just back up the articles point. It doesnt matter if the e9x smokes the e30m or e46m around the ring. Thats not the point at all.

take a look at the brz/frs for the kind of car an M car should be. Doesnt mean lower power is the way to go but bmw lost its way with the m dept and it was a downhill that started with the e46m imo when they started to factory rice it out.

I find many bmw purists are done with the brand. Moving on to other makes that make cars which hold more true to what an M car should stand for.
Not some luxo barge with 500 hp that feels numb.
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