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BMW is selling more cars than in the 70s,80s,90s. They are making more money and still growing....

I agree the author is a looney, he wants BMW M to spend lots of R&D money and take huge losses on niche cars built in small numbers.

You want an e30 m3? Go buy one! Don't expect BMW to make the same car today...

Yes, I don't like the direction BMW is going with some of it's cars, but that's the way the market is heading and with BMW selling more and more cars, they must be doing something right even if they are pissing off the fanboys and purist.

I do agree with the poser comments, but that is true for EVERY BRAND, 99% of people that buy these legalized expensive track editions or most high horse power high performance cars, will never do any serious racing in them, many won't even see a track or be used anywhere closed to it's potential. If those people would stop buying these editions then BMW would stop making them, but special edition after special edition keeps selling out, so they must be doing something right.......that or the buyers are idiots.

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