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Originally Posted by Gleb View Post
I had no idea that BMW made cars after 1991.
LOL! every BMW model that was made after 91 has superseded its predecessor.

In performance, luxury, space, handling, safety absolutely everything. I drive an E36 BMW and know for fact that an E46 is much much better then a E36 in every single aspect. There is really no argument, Id love for someone to explain to me how a E30 M3 BMW is better then a E92 M3?

absolutely everything BMW has done over the years is exactly what the market wants!!! for example, cars are getting larger because people are getting larger. Im 6'5 250Lbs and wouldnt be able to fit in a M3 if it were still as small as an E30. There also getting heavier because there a lot more safer then older cars.
Side curtain airbags?! non existant in older models. But are standard I believe in ALL BMWS.

Really? can someone please enlighten me on what is so great about an E30 over a modern day E9x

because I can garuntee you nothing is other then nostalgia because of the racing pedigree and "road feel" which in other words means "dated suspension".

And to the OP, That writer is a looney.BMW is a business after all and will not decide to lose money just so they can appeal to a shrinking market share. BMW has been producing "Ultimate Driving Machines" for the general populace, not race cars. If you want to go fast purchase their disgustingly fast motorcycles that look unbelivably BAD ASS.
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