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So according to this guy, every M car that's not a homologation race car is a poser car because if it hasn't "gone racing" it's not a true M car. That's good for a laugh.

Yeah, BMW is doing a little marketing exercise by offering limited edition versions of the M3 with special colours and interior trimmings. Sure they could have easily named them after fast animals in the top tier of the food chain, but the M3 is a car that's built to perform well on the track (and the current generation is no exception) so they decided to name the special edition after a track. Is the assumption that as soon as a track name is involved the car needs to be stripped down and caged * la Porsche GT2/GT3? They are just doing the same sort of thing that Bugatti did with all the variants of the Veyron that they released. Do I care for it? Not particularly. Does it make the M3 a poser car? I wouldn't say so. Has the M brand lost its soul? Well the current M3 is a pretty damn good car so I'd say they are still doing a pretty good job.
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