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Originally Posted by calegrant View Post
Someone else chime in here please because this dudes ignorance is going to cause a lot of headache or worse.

If a vehicle is rated for 3000 pounds, that's exception. It's also likely that that figure was determined with a small load in the vehicle already, which you likely won't have if you're going to the lake. So factor in hundreds of pounds of gear in the van with several hundred more in the boat with coolers/fuel. You're now well over your limit, but you for some reason think your corpse carrier is a hauling, **** no.

If you already KNOW you'll encounter 6 different types of trailers you'll be hauling for gods sake man get a proper vehicle, that is a lot of variety which most people don't have and even they justify a truck for what they want to tow. The honda may be adaquate for the once a year tent trailer trip, but you're trying to avoid the fact that your lifestyle necessitates a gas guzzling truck or suv. Those loads repeatedly being behind your van is going to tear the ever loving shit out of your drivetrain, or potentially put your and your family in a situation where you wish you didn't have several thousand pounds pushing you into harms way.

I do appreciate your concern but I don't think I'm pushing the envelope here, if so, not beyond the scope of what is safe.

Like BigD said,
Originally Posted by BigD
You can tow 5000 lbs with a sedan no problem, just need to know what you're doing.
Go take a look at that web link I posted, it blew my mind. My co-worker bought a hitch and trailer from them and just left on a road trip with his diesel Jetta towing a 17' trailer. (and he was going to Vancouver!) I think the key to being safe when approaching the weight limit (or in his case, exceeding it) is having the trailer brakes and of course adjusting your driving style with your load in mind.

You did make a good point about the load in the van in addition to trailer weight, that is what brought me to the conclusion that an ATF cooler might be a wise investemnt.

Originally Posted by calegrant View Post
for gods sake man get a proper vehicle
I'm not a big fan of minivans, however it was the best fit for my needs. Ideally I would have got a Suburban & even more ideally, get it converted to diesel by Duraburb. My wife and I spent months weighing our options. Our conclusions were: 1- This isn't my daily driver (I would enjoy the challenge of parking a big vehicle and wouldn't mind walking a bit if size appropriate parking was further away. My wife, with 3 kids in tow, not so much) 2-We'd be towing less then 10% of the time and a majority of that would be one of the 3 trailers I own, each being under 1500# all loaded up. 3-gas is not getting cheaper.

If the travel trailer or the big boat were mine, or I was towing them more often, I'd be in a full sized SUV for sure.

Originally Posted by thomase30 View Post
You have to remove it or just lower it. We have done quite a few at my work and never had to remove the exhaust just unhook it from the rear hangers and slide the hitch over it
Originally Posted by Axxe View Post
Good call on the ATF cooler. If you're DIY inclined just do it yourself. Shouldn't have any issues with exhaust, it's a relatively new van and honda exhaust typically come off readily (especially the back halfs where there is less heat). If that's the only thing holding you back from DIY you're fine.
I just re-read the instructions and is says "temporarily lowered" not removed. so I may give it a go myself and get my mechanic to toss in the tranny cooler. (I know my limits!)

Thanks guys!

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