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Originally Posted by Emsan View Post
hmm how much would a stock 325i benefit from one of these... I do plan on getting a MarkD 91 very soon so I'm sure it'd make the headers work better. What are the claimed hp increases?
Bavauto never gave an official "claimed" hp increase for these headers. And I had a hard time finding any information on the net. One of the guys at Bavauto told me that a former employee had installed the headers and mid-section and the car felt noticeably quicker with the butt dyno. He figured it was probably 15whp. I also saw a discussion on a forum between some E28 guys (here that said the following...

To possibly add something substantive to this conversation, I took part in a dyno day many years back with several e28s. The Jim Conforti chipped stock exhaust e 28 535s that were running well put down about 150-155rwhp. My car (88 535i 5/87 build) and another had almost identical mods, with JimC chips and he had a Stahl and I had (still have) a Bavauto header. We both had hp numbers in the low/ mid170s, with torque figures approaching 200. There was only 2-3hp diff between our two cars, and about 20+ separating the non-headered cars. That number is also corraborated by the butt dyno, which says about the same.
Even if it's only 10whp... the sound an M20 will make with headers is Godly
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