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Ok, I called Tubular at lunch just now to get an update.

With regards to the material the price, it has gone up slightly, but it’s only going to increase the price per set ~$3 (and that's just straight up material cost, Tubular isn't charging a mark up on the price increase of the material). However when I spoke to them last week, at that time there were about 10 people interested, and that’s what I told them. When they got material pricing they got it for 20 sets worth to get that pricing. So after talking to Tubular this group buy is going to be capped at 20 sets to make things easier for both me and them.

There also needs to be some clarification with regards to the mid-section. The basic mid-section is just 2” tubing with a slip fit on both ends. Tubular said that Bavauto use to send them the two bolt flanges that bolt up to the stock cat back exhaust for the customers that wanted to be able to be able to bolt up to their stock exhaust. For anyone who wants that capability there will be an added cost because they said they’d have to go source the flanges from somewhere. They did say however that for no cost they can drop it down from 2” to an 1 ¾” so that if you want to use your stock exhaust you can just slide the mid-section in to the cat back and use exhaust clamps. So when it comes time for ordering I will be clarifying with each one of you via PM how you’d like the mid-section to terminate.

That being said Tubular and myself are currently sorting out the details of making the initial payment to get the work started (there are a couple extra hoops to jump through since the company’s bank is in the US and my bank and I are in Canada). Once the details are sorted out I’ll contact each of you about deposits and getting your shipping information so Tubular can estimate what it will cost each of you for shipping.

Once Tubular has the money, they said that the lead time on the material is two weeks and that it would take them about two weeks to make all the sets. They also said that they couldn’t comment on what the lead time from the coater would be until they actually send the parts there because it all depends on how busy the coater is at the time. I’d say that right now late August / early September seems like a realistic shipment date

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to PM me.


The list is now capped at 20:

1) Bullet Ride 325, mid-section included, coated, 1 set.
2) Gary Horneck 325, mid section included, uncoated, 1 set (R3V)
3) tinkerputzer, 325, midsection included, coated, 1 set (R3V)
4) delatlanta1281, 325, mid-section included, coated, 1 set (R3V)
5) Van Westervelt, 325, mid-section included, uncoated, 1 set (R3V)
6) Slippery, 325, mid-section included, coated, 1 set (R3V)
7) Mendi3, 325, mid-section included, uncoated, 1 set (R3V)
8.) Irish1, 325, no mid-section, coated, 1 set (BFC)
9) n0m4d 325, mid-section included, uncoated, 1 set (R3V)
10) ehnaych, 325, mid-section included, uncoated, 1 set (R3V)
11) supernaught, 325, no mid-section , coated, 1 set (max)
12) Mfever, 325, mid-section included , coated , 1 set (R3V)
13) e30slidewayz, 325, mid-section included, uncoated, 1 set (R3V)
14) tytypetersen, 325, mid-section included, uncoated, 1 set (R3V)
15) Pocket Chant, 325, mid-section included, coated, 1 set (R3V)
16) ihearte30s, 325, mid-section included, uncoated, 1 set (max)
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