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Originally Posted by cormier View Post
Why not have some xi fun? Nothing crazy but I like my wheels and dynavin, smoked lights etc. I remember this one 330xi at bimmercruise that looked pretty nuts, not sure what the extent was besides visual though.

In terms of usable performance upgrades, I agree with you though. I do think the OPs suspension/stance ideas are a bit radical... Keep in mind you're going to want to stick to a square wheel setup so you'll never get a really radical look IMO. That said, with nice wheels and a moderate drop (around the range of stock rwd e46, or a tad lower) your xi should be bearable

Edit-- didn't realize you had 7 series wheels on there.... I'm guessing they're staggered too?

Op, if you're looking for moar power, sell it and get a 330, m3, or modded e30/e36.

thank you i appreciate the comments, i was looking to get rid of the wheel gap that i currently have, but to my understanding it looks like i may need to roll my fenders so that i don't end up rubbing when i lower it. I haven't heard or seen a single Xi that has the V3's and if it does I haven't seen one that is as low as someone can possibly lower it, that's why I'm really looking forward to see what can actually be possible with lowering the Xi.
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