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Quick update:

Over the weekend I got my car converted over to the DIYPNP kit and did a little bit of tuning to get my fuel table half decent. Before I pull the motor I'll figure out what idle settings I'll need to get the car to idle at 2000rpm for the cam break in, that way when I go to start the new motor for the first time I won't have to sit there and hold the gas when I'll want to be looking at every inch of the motor for any leaks or other issues.

Last night I finally got around to fitting the crank scraper...

It took a decent amount of grinding to get the scraper to clear the counter weights.

I also started making this yesterday at work...

It's going to be an adapter for an oil pressure gauge sender that keeps the stock dummy light, I just need to drill and tap into the side for the fitting, and machine some flats for a wrench on the end.

I'm planning to start the engine swap this weekend.
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