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Why does everyone insist that me wanting to help the community is bs? My supplier in the states offers a bulk discount so all I do is bundle the orders that I get from people here with my own, and get better prices. Or I set my mark up to a minimum and often end up with nothing to show for it. Its really not a big deal, I've met some great people and made some good friends. I'm sorry that so many people are so cynical as to think that a person can't just do good for others because thats simply what they feel like doing. I'm not claiming to be a martyr, I do get cheep parts for me and my friends and family, but believe me you're not paying my mortgage.

I'm sorry I started all this mess, I had the opportunity to go to the euro cup and visit my family in Europe so I went. whats done is done, so please let this be the last post here. If you have any positive or more negative comments please just start a new thread.
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