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I semi-recently bought a motor from someone. I told him my car had an M40, the motor I was buying was an M42. I said repeatedly to him "engine swap". When the motor was out (I had to help pull it) he started talking about things like separating the trans and me returning the alternator to him. I had never thought that those parts were not included and he had never thought I wanted them included. This situation completely reminded me of exactly how that deal went down. I was pissed off at first but then realized I should have looked him in the face and told him that I want the trans, driveshaft and all accessories connected to the engine.

It really seems to me that PJ just did this for a way to be more involved in the community, have an excuse to play with BMWs and parts that made money instead of costing him money and sell a few parts on the side. Unfortunately for him and anyone dissatisfied after sending money it seems he got in over his head. Not the would be customer's fault, but as a third party I sympathize with all involved.

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on a related note: I deal with someone regularly from the states. up until now he's been pretty good with me until recently. I asked for price/avail a number of times now and I got the "I'll get it, I'll get it. and now over 3 weeks and I got it...I got " I'm too busy and really sorry I couldn't" what do I say to that? so now my projects are hung up for over a month because his priority now is his shop and not me. I can suck it up or I can leave and find another supplier who will be glad to take on my business. :-)
You talking about Levent? I found the same thing recently, started buying from Blunt.

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