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Originally Posted by captain E34 View Post
Sooo i was wondering if i should invest in an expensive turbo kit, 3-4k or should i grab a cheap 1200 ebay turbo kit with mostly everything i need, it comes with a turbonetics turbo t3/t4 hybrid i believe, but everything else is kinda no name? I dont mind having to replace things as the break buuut in the end do u think it will cost more money? Also there is the option of slowly waiting for certain parts to come up, new or used and piece it all together
A real Turbonetics t3/t4 is a $600-$800 turbo new. If there's an ebay kit with a real Turbonetics turbo and all the other bits (fittings, couplings, IC, piping, BOV, manifold, etc..) then it's a decent deal. Just a word of caution I have one of these ebay turbo manifolds on my turbo car...

The fitment is garbage. You'll have to slot holes to get it to fit, and I'm sure you can guess which runners from the picture (upper stud on #2 and lower on #4) but there are two studs that you have to thread the nuts onto as you slide the manifold on because once the manifold is all the way on there's not enough room to get the nut on the stud. And on my manifold the upper stud on #5 was too close to the runner to get a nut on anywhere.

I'd go with a 666 or revshift adapter if I had the choice.
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