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Originally Posted by Nick_V View Post
Bull$hit. I haven't seen that explicitly stated anywhere except in this thread, in his own defense. He must be a REALLY nice guy if he is willing to deal with all the headaches that come from dealing with angry customers to do this for peanuts. If that's the business model, it should be spelled out in capital letters on his homepage - "Great prices, whenever we get around to dealing with you, after we have your money, that is." I'm pissed because he accepted a payment from me for some parts almost 4 weeks ago and hasn't returned PMs/emails since. Nothing. So I read this thread and see that he went on a nice vacation. Would have been nice to know. I could deal with what he "straight out" said if it actually would have been straight out. My beef is that there was no mention of him being away, possible delays, etc. and absolutely no communication after taking my money. Not to mention a total disregard for my project timeline. You'd think a true enthusiast would know how frustrating it is to be kept in the dark for weeks after forking over money for shit he needs to keep his project rolling. How hard would it have been (knowing he was leaving for vacation) to say, "Nick, I can get your parts no problem, but if you need them asap you might wanna try somewhere else as I'll be away for a month." This is in no way about wanting something for free, it's about people conducting business poorly.

+10 0000000000

Ceeker: did bimmerboys pay you to say that? or are you a child? what you said was the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard.

Running a business is built on integrity. i give you money you give me what you promised to give. its either you follow through or you dont as a business owner, if you can't understand what a business entails you have no reason to run one. I dont care whether you do it for fun, for a bit of profit (which i find is a total BS) there is no excuse for blatant irresponsibility.

honestly dude next time you need to buy something expensive, send me money ill get i for you. just know that ill hold onto your money, tell you its on its way, send you only parts of what i promised, go on a trip for days without informing you, spend your hard earned cash, then when i get back tell you i tried getting you the parts make some BS about how its a part time job, its for fun, i only make part time money, and say oh, when i say im going to get you a whole engine swap it was only these parts.
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