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Originally Posted by fuzionx23 View Post
so to recap: BimmerBoys is an amateur business owner and we shouldn't buy from him. thanks for the feedback TheMadChigga.
cut the guy a break..he's part-time business owner. and really ISN'T doing it for the money. now if he's not doing it for the money then he's really not in it for the business side of it is he? so what do you expect from him? Do you think he should invest all his time and energy to make a few ticks on the dollar just to make you guys happy? He said it straight; I'll get you parts to the best of his knowledge and make a buck or two for his time and trouble and the inconvenience for this, is patience. if you need it sooner or immediately then buy from a big business and pay the piper!!

I find the general attitude on here is people want everything for nothing. not only do people want it cheap, but right now. in the real world, this shit doesn't take place.
As for not getting all the parts? that can be a simple oversight seeing one isn't dealing in this every single day and can't know everything. Bad preparation on the bus owners part perhaps. but in defense, this happens in other business as well. just an unfortunate experience but as long as no one got hurt - it's all good.

on a related note: I deal with someone regularly from the states. up until now he's been pretty good with me until recently. I asked for price/avail a number of times now and I got the "I'll get it, I'll get it. and now over 3 weeks and I got it...I got " I'm too busy and really sorry I couldn't" what do I say to that? so now my projects are hung up for over a month because his priority now is his shop and not me. I can suck it up or I can leave and find another supplier who will be glad to take on my business. :-)

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