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Ok here is what i was able to do this morning...

Used that quck aluminum stuff... And wow! So far its looking like a great product... Here are some pics...

So those where all the holes i needed plugged.. I will sand smooth the inside of the itbs later...

The remaining 4 holes i used a barbed insert for the vac line for the valve cover line... Later in ill get an oil catch can to put in between

Next i started to wire the tps to see how the itb tps reads...

I hooked it up and manually checked the readings... The stock tps readt from idle .05v to wot 4.66v.... The itb tps at idle reads 2.3v to wot 4.70v. I tried adjusting the tps but nowhere near the range as stock... And to modify the stock tps to the itbs looks near impossible... Im going to continue with the rest of the build to get it running.. And see what diff that range makes.

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