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Question Please help! Engine thumping/bouncing.

Hello E30 gurus,

Ran into some trouble with my E30 and am completely stumped, any help would be greatly appreciated.

First some background info. I bought my first E30 325iC and changed the timing belt 2 months ago as a precaution. All was well until just last week when I started to hear a thumping on my way home then a grinding. Took it all apart to find the camshaft gear had worked and the dowel pin was no long snug. I changed both parts and now there is no grinding or whining but the entire engine still bounces significantly when the car idles. If necessary I can post a video of the engine running. I adjusted the valves during the timing belt change and they were fine, so I don't think that's the problem. Wondering if its something as simple as new spark plugs, but I'd love a second opinion before I open it all up again.

Tempted to take the car into a professional and get there opinion, anyone come to mind? I live just north of Markham. Is the dealership viable or should I find a private shop/individual?

Thanks for your time!

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