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Finally picked up the car and all I have to say is WOW. What a transformation! JC did a wonderful job (especially for the price). The car looks like it rolled off the assembly line. You really have to look hard to find the very few imperfections. There is a little bit of overspray here and there, but it's nothing a little plastidip can't solve.

The man really went above and beyond. He took off my bumpers, trim all around and repaired all the rust and then painted it. He painted inside my door seals (free of charge, he said he did it because it made the car look better). He painted my bumper and door trim! He even fixed the front bumper mesh in the bottom. When I saw the car I was at a loss of words. I actually felt like I cheated him with the money he asked for.

The only thing he couldn't fix were my crappy side skirts, but I don't really care. Those can be replaced. You can tell this man puts pride in his work first. Pictures of before and after below.

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Good stuff. I am going to get my car fixed up too, if it's God's will. But first I want to fix few mechanical things. Show us how it looked before and how it will look after.

What was Rick Impera's quote? Did you ask him?
I never ended up going to Impera auto. It was literally on the other side of Toronto and JC's price quote was very attractive. I dropped the car off EOD Tuesday, June 19th and picked it up today, Friday June 29th.

P.S. If the previous owner (Isaias, you mentioned you lurk but don't actively post here) of this e30 is reading this, she's finally getting some TLC

1. The front. Chipped bumper and scratches. Also dirty. There are chips on the hood. JC even partially sprayed under the hood!

2. Bare metal and rust that I tried to clean off on the left fender. Poorly installed skirt. There was also significant amount of bare metal and somewhat cleaned off rust under the skirt on the rocker. JC fixed all that with carbon fiber filler, then primed and painted it.

3. Passenger side. Same deal as the driver's side regarding the rocker panel and skirt.

4. There was a massive rust hole there that I patched up and then covered with Bondo so it doesn't stand out (even though it does, but not as bad as a hole).

5. The chrome trim was peeling and as you can see, rust.

6. Little bit of rust and bubbling on the sunroof.

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