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Originally Posted by North View Post
Still have the stock hood or have you made up a composite one yet? You could also use your current front fenders to make molds off of, then make fully composite fenders as well (Can't remember if you just made the flares over the stock fenders or replaced the whole thing.)
If you haven't gutted the front bumper, there's weight to be lost there too.
Still have the stock hood that I gutted but still weighs 30lbs, so Could probably save another 25lbs with a composite hood. And you're right about the fenders, I just molded overtop of the stock fenders so I could save some more weight by making full fiberglass fenders. Good thinking! Also want to get rid of the stock metal valance and get a fiberglass bumper.

Originally Posted by sb_600 View Post
Oops... my bad.

Don't forget Chris that 1/2 tank of gas is about your car weighs 2300 dry... Although dry, your weight balance is going to be worse too!
This is true.
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