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Originally Posted by exbmwtech View Post
First off.... why so hostile. I asked (thought you might have done many laps around Mosport/CMP). So after reading your reply you haven't got a clue ,there are many schools and people that would like to teach people that are are interested, BUT you must loose the attitude first. And you never know who you are talking to....... I have done more laps around Mosport/CMP(and have held a SCCA ProRacing licence) than you ever will.Last thing Kurt is out there and you're not ,so until you can back it up and get out of your chair.......shut up or put up.
you're the one with the attitude problem. I don't care how many laps you've done if you did them wrong. having a racing license doesn't mean anything, anyone can buy one. if my car is ready i will came to the bmw school in september, but just for the lapping portion, not really interested to be taught how to suck. maybe we can have a race.
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