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Originally Posted by BMWdouche View Post
The E92 would murder the E46 around a track. A car can "feel" faster/sportier without actually being any faster/sportier. Especially since you have coils, the initial reaction would be that the e92 is softer.. that doesn't mean its slower. A few examples:

Bottom line is that the e92 would rape the e46 as most newer model BMW's usually do to their older counterparts.
I know for a fact that E92 M3's do NOT "rape or murder" E46 M3's around a track. Stock for stock, the newer car may be 2-4 sec/lap ahead (at Mosport GP), but a slightly modded E46 M3 (such as yours) will definitely hold it's own. In fact, E92 M3's have a hard time keeping up to my M3! I've driven quite a few V8 M3's and completely agree with you about their lumbering torque-less feel. Even my wife's modded (MarkD tune & exhaust) 335i feels fat & numb compared to any E46 M3. Simply put, the newer M3 is a fantastic car for everyday use and the odd track event. The V8 sound is fantastic, but the interior fit & finish pales compared to the older, solid E46 chassis. Personally, I would love to swap that S85 V8 into my E46 chassis!
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