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Originally Posted by egye30 View Post
Really? Link me to a clean, non-abused example of an E30 M3 for 10 g's with decent mileage. If anything clean low mileage E30 M3s will fetch more than the E46 M3 simply because of the fact that there isn't too many around anymore, specially if its an original Evo m3.
Ya. Honestly I was so pissed by the claim of a $10,000 E46M3. I didn't research before I spazzed. I have NEVER priced a E30M3 so it was an educated guess.

But I did stumble upon a MINT E30M3 while in Columbia, South Carolina this winter.. Great story actually.

In January I was hanging with a bunch of (self-proclaimed) rednecks in their driveway. Chatting about their trucks, dogs, guns and me, fancy-pants-city-girl wit dat shiny car. You know, the usual. I started to talk more about the M3. Then one of them yells, "Ay! Ya'll like M3's? Come see..."

Walked down the drive way to a covered car. He starts undoing bungy's and knots and untangling what he can. I lift the cover off the driver hood corner. It's a metallic charcoal with the M colours across the corner.

I was like "Holy F**k it's an E30." Knelt down, there's an M badge in the grill. Lifted the cover off the fenders. I was like "Sh*t those are big fender flares." Almost square shaped. I had never really seen one up close before.

Southern car, never seen snow 45K Miles. Paint looked amazing, nice dark charcoal metallic. M trim inside the car was all there, nothing harvested. Seats looked new, driver's normal wear.

He wanted $12,000. I have a feeling there might be something wrong engine wise. They said the owner comes by a few times a year to start it and clean the brakes up (Rednecks and their wild tales!) and last time they couldn't start it, presumably there trickle wasn't charging.... but? They were shooting straight with me cause they didn't care if the car sold. They were just entertaining me.

They looked like stock wheels but IDK for sure. 14's? Sound right?
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