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Originally Posted by jenn View Post
A white one for 12000. And a silver one for 12000. My friend was looking for one a month ago and that's what we found. No one on kijiji pays asking price. They will waste your time and offer 3000 bellow selling. Its really sad.
I haven't seen one for less than $18,000 yet. When I was looking for mine the cheapest was $18,999 and it was Messed-Up. The next one up was $19,999 paint was bad, scored cam-lobes...

The decent ones all hung around $25,000 give or take a few G's. I would be very weary of $12,000 M3's I wouldn't touch it, if it's not some sort of fishing scam then the car has problems. I wouldn't consider less than $20,000 for mine, it's stock but low KMs.

How come you were in such a hurry to sell your E46? how are you liking the new M3 comparatively?
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