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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post

Nice to see the pss's workin' like they 'spose
Yup. Pretty damn cool, bu it's proof the rear springs are too damn soft
Originally Posted by KIRASIR View Post
Nice! I was there with a friend at the end of April this year (co-driving).
Dragon is definitely a road that one must drive at least once in a life time.

The drive was 1400km each way through..
It's worth it thought. A few of us make that trip down every year. 14hours isn't a long enough drive IMO! Then again something's wrong with me.
Originally Posted by sproule905 View Post
Nooice! This is something I'd want to do on a street bike and not a car, but still cool to see!

Did ya get a tshirt?
It's just as fun in a car. The lateral G's you experience if you drive the road hard are pretty intense. Some passengers even got nauseated in the past - myself included.
Originally Posted by fitter527 View Post
awesome video.i would have rather heard the engine than the music.looks like alot of fun.
That was the plan, but at those speed you barely hear the intake
Originally Posted by 740-iLL View Post
Great vid!
Thanks bro!
Originally Posted by ///M_AMAZIN View Post
Nice poke ...
Sounds like a fun trip
Yeah these V12 EVOs stretch pretty hard. Didn't realize the rear poked that much til I saw the angles. Fun = huge understatement.
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