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Originally Posted by BigD View Post
it seems to make more sense for a OMGLOOKATME car to be badass at first glance, rather than needing to read the manual to find out.
...or in the words of Jeremy Clarkson in the late 80's : "A super car is one that has looks that snap knicker-elastic from 50 paces."

[...] mind-blowing part of that dealership is the MP4/5. I don't know how many of these cars exist in the world but this is probably the only one you can casually stroll in and gawk at. I stood there for a good 5 min looking into the cockpit, taking back every pussy thing I ever said about Prost...
...I knew the Prost car was there before I went, and I was half-determined to quietly spit in it for the 1989 daylight robbery... and then I saw how the mirrors are about the size of my THUMB ... and took it all back..
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