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I will talk to thornhill again.

I actually bought my car with 50% tint and DIDNT EVEN KNOW for 4 months that one window had no tint on it until I went to check specifically for it a week before tinting. I then realized the passenger window had no tint and the rest of the car did which was why in some pics it looked clear and others like it had a tint. I think 50% would be excellent again but I want just a touch darker, which is why Im looking for 45.

I disagree with you about 35. Fact is from many angles it is totally blacked out. Like totally. From those angles there is NO difference between having black bristol board glued to the windows and having 35% and THAT is what I hate. I like to be able to see through all the time no matter the angle. if its lighter in bright daylight so be it.

I think tint shoppes have it all wrong really. the options out there suck. Almost no tint shoppe carries a 'factory' like tint that is decent quality. AFter tinting my vette every brand and color tint master had (like 10 years ago) I ended up peeling and retinting 4x in one week. I settled on a really really cheap brand that had 42%. I tried all the expensive tints but they had stupid shades of brown , silver or charcoal or other garbage. Sad fact was the only 'blackish' tint they carried was the cheapest dyed brand. It looked the best so I went with it.

i have loads of pics ill post a few...

here is 35% vs 50 on my car

50% side This pic does look overexposed you can tell by the brightness of the pavement so the tint looks lighter than it would to the eye in this angle.

same 50% back angle same time of day

I can understand if youre as black as Wesley Snipes you can roll with the windows halfway down with 35% and you may look lighter if thats the desired effect. Im after a clean oem look with all my cars I let the stance and wheels do the talking.
Or if you're this guy 35% is for you.

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