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Originally Posted by 73 Tii View Post
You have our interest. Lift it and take a pic or 2
Hahaha well there is a certain E28 535i hogging the lift now. I may have to go and get a jack to look under and see what it is though! I created the thread hoping that someone would recognize the car/original owner. I guess not.

Originally Posted by Eau_Rouge View Post
When you get a chance, have a look underneath at the transmission bell housing. The e30 M3 dogleg transmissions had bell housings that bolted onto the transmission where as the getrag units used on the standard M10 engine's, the bell housing was cast as part of the transmission case. If you see that the bell housing is bolted to the transmission, you likely have the dogleg. If you do, go and get that S14 you were telling me about!

Welcome to the forum,

Hmm I will definitely check out to see if the bell housing is a separate piece. I thought it was an S14 but it actually turns out that it is an S38 from an M6. My dad is interested in buying it to fit into one of the E24s.

Originally Posted by ///Maluco View Post
Regarding the 6spd, are you sure it's not a dogleg transmission which has the 5th gear to the bottom far right?
Definitely has a 5th in the upper right and a 6th just below. Far upper left is reverse.
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