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Unfortunately there hasn't been much happening with the build in the past couple weeks. I've been working out a couple issues with my other car so that I can drive that one while I do the swap. The past few days I've been looking into exhaust since I'm going to want a custom set-up to go with my RD headers. Right now I'm thinking I'd like to try and mock up the exhaust, tac it together, then get a friend to weld it up nice. So last night I took some measurements off the car and came up with a rough model of the stock exhaust (leaving out the x-pipe cat and resonator)...

After doing some reading I've decided to go with a single 2.5" exhaust because it's light weight, simple, and because going any diameter larger than 2.5" would require a custom made merge collector. For the power the motor should be making 2.5" will be sufficient.

I drew up an exhaust using only 45" bends because those are readily available from any place that sells misc. exhaust tubing.

I'm probably going to end up buying components from Vibrant since they are local and I've heard good things about their stuff. In the place of the stock mid section I'm going to put a 13" catalytic converter and a 12" resonator, and the muffler I'm thinking is a streetpower flat black 2.5" in dual 3" out (dimensions in the model reflect the dimensions of the muffler). It looks like I should be able to offset it just enough to have the dual tips centred in the valance cut out. If not then I'll just skew it on a slight angle to centre the tips. This is how the two look overlaid...

I'm also planning on having the mid section connected by v-band clamps so it will be simple to remove it and install a test pipe for the track if I want to down the road.

I'm currently looking into pricing of the components and parts.

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