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Originally Posted by Eau_Rouge View Post
When you get a chance, have a look underneath at the transmission bell housing. The e30 M3 dogleg transmissions had bell housings that bolted onto the transmission where as the getrag units used on the standard M10 engine's, the bell housing was cast as part of the transmission case. If you see that the bell housing is bolted to the transmission, you likely have the dogleg. If you do, go and get that S14 you were telling me about!

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The dogleg 2002 transmission (235/5) does not have a detachable bellhousing like the 265/5 you are referring to. And my guess is the 265 would be a very tight squeeze in the tunnel of an '02 (especially judging by how tight the space is in my own car with only a small 240 overdrive trans) so chances are it isn't what the OP has in his car.

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