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I never had any intention of hiding my phone number and I never realized it wasn't on the site. Lots of guys here have it! And its on every package I ship so again just a virgin mistake. 519-852-5256. If my wife answers please don't yell at her, talk to me if you're unhappy about something.

Again I want to point out... I'm not a typical business in that I have a wearhouse or have a staff. I just have channels through which I can get better prices and want to share that with max. I make. 5$-20$ on orders. I'm not getting rich or anything, but I enjoy meeting members and making like minded friends.

Here is an example.

The M3 front bumper I sold to Sam. I order it from california.
It costs me 172$ plus tax to my house in lonodon. So 194$ it costs me 53$ to fedex it. So
247$ I sell it for 265$ minus 8$ paypal fee so 257$

That leaves me 10$

I do this because I love bmw and I wanted to make a positive contribution, if I'm not doing that then I'll gladly stop and save myself and you guys the hassle!

Madchigga: I really feel that I did my best. And I think that at the end of the day I've learned to be very clear on what is included and what is not. Rest assured I won't be bitten again! I'm sorry this all went to hell, I really had no idea what was involved in a ti motor swap, and would much rather have taken care of this on day one rather than chase parts and send multiple shipments.
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