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Yup the wife would have taken care of it, it was shipped from my address because she lives in the same house as me.. I let her know to ship once the bumper had shown up, to send everything in one shot. Sorry it didn't work out as quickly as it should have. I had no idea it was missing a cam sensor either. I put a new "updated" one in there from an e46 and included the wiring for it as well. I'd double chech that because I did that install the morning I brought it out to you.

Any ways. You've made your points here, but now its nothing more than a public shouting match. If you'd like to talk then pm me . I won't get back right away but I'll get back to you.

Again... What are you still missing? I can send you a stock cam sensor if you don't like the e46 one that is in there. (Which is a recall fix on later e36 cars)
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