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Originally Posted by BimmerBoys View Post
wow Geeze Guys... I'm in Europe at the Euro Cup... looks like I left too much unfinished business behind!

I'm trying to get my wife to hook everything up but she is no mechanic. I didn't start this to rip anyone off. far from it! I did this cuz I can get better prices and just wanted to make a few bucks on the side. BUT let me address some of the madness before it gets out of hand...

to "Madchigga" I understand your frustration, but you have been very selective with your PM references here. you were NEVER sold a "Complete" engine EVER! period. If you disagree then please find or invent the quote where I promised you a SWAP rather than a motor.

you asked for and were given a price on a "motor harness and ecu" remember? shall I find that PM for you?

Not until some time after did you realize that what you needed was a complete swap, at which time you began to badger me for more and more parts to the point of threatening to contact your credit card company!
Sorry about the miss-communication but I gave you every nut and bolt I had. no Power steering pump or lines, no, but I did my best.

What else are you missing after today besides that?
PJ, look at the PM I quoted, that was the first one I asked you about the M52 swap into my Ti, note, I asked to swap into the Ti with harness, DME, etc, not just a long block, how in the world am I suppose to start an engine without a MAF/knock sensor/cam position sensor/power steering/alternator?

And don't say I invent quote, you have the same PM's as I have, here's the screenshot in case you think I write them out of thin air.

You never once said the price did not include the accessories and I will need to source those separately, I've bought motors without accessories, and they say "NO ACCESSORIES", and the engine was $500 + $250 for bumper and I also paid $150 for delivery.

And what alternator for $100? you've never told me anything about nor send me a PM, on June 6th you asked for rest of the payment in the PM:

Then the next PM was on the June 11th saying you'll send me the parts and bumper, that was the last time I heard from you:

I've sent you PM asking there are any updates on the 13th, 15th,
I threaten to dispute the payment cause you never got back to me, time is precious for everyone, I'm sure yours too, if you are going to be away for long time, at least attend to business end of things, how are others suppose to know you are away? I was gone for 2 weeks overseas but I read my emails and reply to them even phone calls daily, that's even with automated email replies saying I won't be in for 2 weeks, did your wife send the stuff with Fedex as well? because the box says the slip was printed on June 18th from your address, you told me things were gonna be on their way and everyday I call Jay to see if they show up but everyday he told me no.

If those things were not to be included, why couldn't you tell me the first time I ask for them? why waited a week and a half to let things get to like this? that's great you've got a family to feed and hobby to enjoy, but you are a max sponsor for crying out loud, you paid the fees so you can advertise your service/products and sell it to the user on this forums or even more, you made mistakes then accept the fact that mistakes were made and instead of telling me that selling a whole engine incld accessories for $500 is too cheap, why can't you just accept it and offer an apology and move on? I even said I wasn't going to dispute the payment for missing parts, why does going to Euro cup has anything to do with me buying things from you, why did you not tell me you were going to be gone to Europe for a while and can't answer as fast as you usually can, I paid for the parts on time, I paid for delivery, and you can't just let someone sitting there and wondering what happened, because I'm sitting here debating what to do, I even was worried if you were hurt, but then I check that you have been online and on the forums many times during the 11th and 16th, if you went to Euro Cup then why was the bumper with air box knock sensor sent on the 18th?

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