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wow Geeze Guys... I'm in Europe at the Euro Cup... looks like I left too much unfinished business behind!

I'm trying to get my wife to hook everything up but she is no mechanic. I didn't start this to rip anyone off. far from it! I did this cuz I can get better prices and just wanted to make a few bucks on the side. BUT let me address some of the madness before it gets out of hand...

to "Madchigga" I understand your frustration, but you have been very selective with your PM references here. you were NEVER sold a "Complete" engine EVER! period. If you disagree then please find or invent the quote where I promised you a SWAP rather than a motor.

you asked for and were given a price on a "motor harness and ecu" remember? shall I find that PM for you?

Not until some time after did you realize that what you needed was a complete swap, at which time you began to badger me for more and more parts to the point of threatening to contact your credit card company!
Sorry about the miss-communication but I gave you every nut and bolt I had. no Power steering pump or lines, no, but I did my best.

What else are you missing after today besides that?
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