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Originally Posted by INFAMOU$ View Post
You need to learn how to use the MULTI QUOTE feature! It is the little box beside QUOTE with the "+ sign... that way you can reply to all messages at once!

Glad to hear you're on the V-Power... Petro sux!
Thanks a lot for the tip.

Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
I'd like to take my car to this shop.
PM me the contact info.
Sorry. But I won't share that info. Remember, he might not be a bad mechanic. After all, my experience is just one experience. It could be that he made one too many error of judgments when it came to my car.

Originally Posted by SiR View Post
Im refering to the pulsating from braking ... Its likely from the shitty brake pads leaving deposits on the rotor. buy a better pad and give it a proper bedding procedure.
Thanks for the tip. I will look into that after may be trying road force balance.

Originally Posted by 5style View Post
GOD LORD, please sell it. The reason your car runs "fine" on 87 is because the knock sensors are still working and retarding the timing. I bet your car pings like a mother%&**er.

The timing of the motor is meant to ignite gas at a certain temperature+compression conditions, hence 87 98 and 94. 87 fuel ignites at different conditions... hence why you HAVE TO USE 89 or HIGHER. Simple. Higher octane has nothing to do with performance, its TIMING SETTINGS. If a car is ment for 87 , you use 87, if it needs premium, it needs it, you will NOT get better performance from 94 in a 87 tuned motor, you risk messing it up, same going for using 87 in a premium requirement car. Only in Canada and the US do we have the retard bronze silver gold system as if 94 is better then 87...anyways. In europe its colour coded and makes some sense, without the illusion of "better " gas.

Shimmy? Control arm balljoints, bushings, tie rods, UNBALANCED WHEELS, warped rotors,Sway bar end links ( not significant for shimmeys) and bent rims. Easy

Inspect, replace in pairs.

Listen to people with experience and not your theories.
Thank you for the explanation. You don't have to get upset or swear. All you have to do is explain to me how it works (like you did), and I will know. I only use Shell V-Power now because I listened to the advice of the mechanics since they know better. Before someone gave me the wrong advice about that I can use regular gas and I didn't know any better so I listened to them. But after getting a better advice from mechanics, I am listening to them now. We all have to start from somewhere and none of us know it all. So simply share your knowledge and it will be appreciated.

Anyway, thank you because I learned something from you today. And my car doesn't ping--it's actually very smooth--but that's may be because I only use Shell's V-Power.

PS: That performance theory was told to me by someone--it's not my own theory.
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