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I wasn't going to post this but I'm having a similar experience with Bimmerboys Pj, albeit a much smaller item and not really a big deal to me I just hate being jerked around.

I purchased a steering wheel from him, pics showed wheel, centre emblem from wheel and all looked good. He even gave me a free shift knob which I thought was awesome. I sent payment right away, he said it would ship out in the morning, which was great because I needed it to move the car.

After it not showing up and me having to ask a bunch of times about it, I was told he "shipped it" and guesses he can't trust Canada Post anymore. It takes 2-3 days from London to Toronto FYI. He ends up saying If I don't receive it within 3 days he'll refund my money and if it shows up after it's mine to keep. As I was sure it would, it showed up on Day 2, not being a moron I looked at the shipping date which was 2 days previous so the whole time he was just flat out lying to me.

I got the wheel and it was as described and in great shape, except the emblem was missing. Blah blah blah he was getting one for me, then he ignored pm's, then he couldn't find it, then he was ordering one from ebay, then he ignored pm's, then the one from ebay was "cheap chinese knock-off", then finally he says he'll look for one at the junkyard for me (saturday) and if he can't find one he offered to just refund me $10 and wish me luck in my search. Tired of dealing with this I posted on r3v and had 3 of them available to me for less than $10, within 15hr's.

Now i've PM'd him asking him for the $10 and he's just ignoring me. I really could care less about the $10, nor do I expect him to come through on it, but the time he has wasted of mine is a bit inexcusable. This whole thing started April 16!

I talked to him a couple times on the phone about the Motor setup he had and he really seems like a good guy, but if he wants to run a business he really needs to step up and be honest with people. Hopefully he'll take this and turn it into something positive for his business and the community.
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