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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
I have to admit... communication is not his strong point at all...

that sucks though man...

I really don't see the obsession with parting out these motors into individual pieces... or should I say attempting to sell a "complete" motor with missing accessories, manifolds, fuel rails ect. That is NOT a complete motor.

Whatever the issue is I think it's the sellers responsibility to be CLEAR on what their definition of a complete motor is. And if they sell it in a non running condition (ie. missing parts) then it should be stated as such.

If people want to sell individual parts then do so, but don't sell motors with missing parts that's just ignorant.
I admit it does suck, I made the decision based on people had good experiences with him and I rather buy from a Max vendor than say Standard, not that others are bad, I actually had a really good experience with Standard Auto, but its just something like this, I just prefer buy "local", I do the same for bread etc, I like to buy from local small bakeries.
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