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I want to say that the posting was not a review. If it was a review then I would’ve mentioned the shop’s name or the mechanic’s. It was just a posting about my first mechanic experience, which sadly wasn’t very good.

The mechanic was very nice, very pleasant to deal with, very respectful, very approachable and friendly; to be honest, he treated me more of a friend than a customer. But I was looking for a mechanic to fix my car, so knowledge and diligence were my first priority. I still have the highest respect for him as a person—my posting was not a personal attack against his person.

I don’t believe any of the problems caused by him (such as misdiagnoses, replacing wrong part, wrong advice) were intentional because I believe he is an honest person. But honesty should come hand-in-hand with competence.

Some of the misdiagnoses were plain dangerous. For example, when he had me believe my car was shutting down due to the fuel type I was using, I kept driving the car hoping that everything will be fine once the new premium fuel will clean the system. I remember one time I was trying to make a left-turn and the car just didn’t go, so I ended up in the middle of the incoming traffic! Of course, all the while the problem was a vacuum-leak which was fixed at RMP Motors within 5 minutes!

But good intentions are not good enough when making mistakes in business—you have to be ready to pay for your mistakes. If a dentist accidently broke your tooth, do you think you should pay for the $800 extraction plus bone graft, $2,200 implant, $350 abutment, and $1,500 crown?! Yes, it was unintentional but it’s not your fault—it’s his and he should still be responsible for the expenses. When I take my car to the mechanic I am putting my trust in his knowledge. I am not a mechanic so when I make a decision it will be based on his knowledge, his words and recommendations.
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