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Originally Posted by 5style View Post
I dunno whether to laugh or cry at this thread....

Violent shaking? Shimmey? What did you get china brakes??

Shutting off?

Back home we have a saying that says, "The saddest of things can be the funniest of things."

The original shimmy was due to few factors, and it mostly went away when Rocco installed new thrust arms last week. There is still shimmy at 120km/h which has not been identified yet. But I am going to wait a while until the bushings on the thrust arms get less stiff as they are still new.

There is also a slight wobble at low speeds (below 30km/h), but I don't know what's causing that. It could't be my rims and/or my new tires. Who knows. I am just tired of going to mechanics without a definite answer.

The violent shaking came after the first mechanic installed new rotors and tires. I don't know what caused it, and I still have no clue what was the cause. The shake was very violent and it felt like it came from the centre of the car. But I don't understand why would the car shakes violently after installing new rotors and tires! And I still wonder if that violent shaking has anything to do with the shimmy at 120km/h.
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