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Alright guys il buy the thermostat maybe this week. I attempted to clean the idle control valve yesterday but was only able to clean one side of it because it was stuck. Also replaced car battery today since it died. After all of that, I decided to scan my car again and this time, Codes (dE) coolant temp too low for closed loop operation and (91) Evap small leak detected disappeared. Code (80) EWS signal is still there but this time, 4 new codes appeared.
(6E) Pedal sensor PWG potentiometer #1
(70) Motorized throttle Valve MDK
(A9) Motorized thottle MDK final stage failure
(73) Reference voltage (5v) source for #1
And the last code that didnt disappear (80) EWS signal

Can someone please tell me what is going on with my car? It just seems like there are problems after another.
Help would be appreciated, thanks.
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