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You guys all mentioned good points. I wasn't upset at his explanations--just baffled! I mean, I am no mechanic but I know after the third Shell premium gas tank had run out of gas (and Octane booster) that the car shouldn't shut down any more if it was because of the fuel! I also know that it's not normal for all cars to shut down on hard braking! His last statement made it sounds like I should just live with the fact that my car shuts down occasionally and it's okay!

Anyway, I work in the west end now and so RMP Motors is close to me and I am sticking with them from now on. As long as they do quality work, fix my car's problems properly, and don't BS me then I am willing to travel to their shop even if I lived far away, because I'd rather lose an hour of drive than days off of work. And I'd rather pay someone who fixes my car than not pay someone who doesn't fix it but just wastes my time. And I'd rather get the car fixed properly the first time than keep going back to the same problem.
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