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Previous sound:
2 10" kicker comps in kicker ported box
zx400.1 kicker amp
stock front speakers powered by sh!tty rampage amp
stock rear speakers powered by dsp amp
kicker 10.jpg
kicker zx400.1.jpg

NEW SOUND to be installed soon
1) JL 12"W6v2 subwoofer
2) 2 sets of MB Quart components (4x5.25" mid-woofers + 4x1" tweeters)
3) Rockford Fosgate P4004 4channel amp (for components)
4) Rockford Fosgate P3001 1channel amp (for sub)
5) Rockford Fosgate P2002 2channel amp (for sub and possible future replacement of front door 2" mid tweeters or set of extra 6-8 inch woofers)
6) Kicker Sum8 interface for oem head unit integration (strong, clean, correct signal for each amp/speakers)
7) Stinger 2.0 Farad Cap
8) 4ga wiring kit (already installed from previous amp)
9) 8ga new silicone covered wiring kit

1) custom ported enclosure with amp racks (to be made when I have time)
2) 8 pairs of high quality RCA cables (kimber style preferable if anyone can help me out)
3) 3 or 4 4/8ga power distribution blocks
4) suitable replacement of 2" mid-tweeters in front door (optional)
5) help installing component speakers

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