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I have the same issue, a vibration throughout the entire car above 100 km/h. Itís much more evident in the steering wheel between 100-120. Above 120, it seems to be more prevalent in my seats and floorboards.

More importantly however, it seems to vary in degree. For example, sometimes itís barely noticeable, others times quite apparent.

Iíve replaced the shocks/springs (with coilovers), my front control arms, FCABs, rear shock mounts, steering guibo, RTABs, and recently did a complete brake job (rotors and pads).

In addition to the above parts replacement, Iíve also replaced both my winter and summer tires with new tires (Michelin Pilot SS and x-Ice 2) and still have the issue despite being hunter road force balanced.

If you, the OP, can figure out your issue please do report back. With that said, if anyone has any suggestions please donít be shy to comment! Iíll be visiting Rocco @ RMP soon so Iíll post back here if we find anything .
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