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Originally Posted by Maple View Post
I always laugh when I come across people like you , you're thinking in 1970s mind and will never get out of it.

Technology progresses and people like you still dont believe anything and think its all BS.

I've yet to see an Original(I want to specify that, Original , not some china crap) plastic impeller fail before 140-150k kms . I already posted what my impellers lasted to but some last much much longer. Let me ask you how many KMs is on your metal one ? And how many have you replaced?

There is a reason why BMW went to Plastic impeller, better quality and better durability.

But if you choose to live in the 70s all your life then its fine , keep your metal one.

Thank-you for your sarcastic and idiotic response.

I work in this industry, even metal impellers are not equal across the board...

Get your facts straight before the "mine hasn't failed yet" babble..
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