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Originally Posted by Lang75 View Post
Like bmwm5lover I too like the subtlety of a mild tint, and having the same tint on both fron and rear windows. Antoher concern is when driving to other provinces it would be nice to not draw attention and avoid a ticket.
Lol. You're not going to "draw attention" with just your window tint. I've had 35% and 20% on my cars and not once have I even been asked about it during stops.

Originally Posted by Jim .E. View Post
I've got 35% all around on the E90 and think it's too light...:S

30% on the TL which is black on black and it looks superb. I won't even be able to notice anything that's 50% or above let alone 70
Agreed. 35% on a black interior car looks perfect.
50% doesn't even look like it's there.
70% would be a complete waste IMO. OP, you do know that the higher the %, the less dark it is? Just making sure as it's a very common misconception.
Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
My M5 has 70% (or there abouts) and I personally like it. Provides a touch of protection(visual) and makes the black car look great with my sunshades. Not a huge fan of really dark tint.
Terry, you definitely have 35 or MAYBE 50%. There is no way that your windows are anything lighter than that.
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