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Arrow Mega Squirt For TURBO M20B25 E30 ix '86

Hello, i decided to instal a turbo on my m20 e30, i really want to do it my self , i want to get Mega Squirt as a stand alone, its first project so i don't really know what to get and what I really need.
Some of my first questions are:

What should I get MS2? MS3? Whats with the expansions ? Relay Board ? I want to get a complete system ( the electrics on my car are really messy I am the 4-th owner ) i want to change all electrics so i have to know buy a nother stock electrical wires or i will make one for MS

The air box is detuning frequently...Its any way i can cancel it? I want individual throttle body for my intake

What sensors do i have to get? I want a complete order from first time, i want a single shipment.

P.S Can you writhe without "Abbreviations" or better explain them
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